The Overdub Hub is an exclusive website for the direct contact and hire of a unique and very select group of world-class studio musicians and vocalists. It was created to give the independent artist and producer access to the best, when they are ready for the best.

CharliePeacockFounded and curated by Grammy Award-winning Nashville producer Charlie Peacock, the Overdub Hub allows artists, songwriters, and producers direct access to the same extraordinary musicians Charlie uses for his own productions (The Civil Wars, Chris Cornell, The Lone Bellow, Joy Williams). This is an exclusive, limited stable of players who share Charlie in common and consistently work for the most creative and successful artists and producers in popular music today.

Now through The Overdub Hub, committed independent artists and producers can connect with Charlie and this one-of-a-kind, community of musicians. When they’re not tracking or overdubbing in Nashville, NYC, LA, and London on major label projects, these gifted musical artists are available for remote and local overdubs, as well as independent tracking sessions.

Affordable rates are set by the individual musicians and vocalists and will naturally vary between them.

Begin your own creative collaboration with these imaginative, award-winning musicians.