How This Works


You now have direct access to the New Nashville Sound and some of the best and most successful musicians in the world. If you haven’t already done it, prepare to succeed by upgrading to Premium membership. Premium members have access to producer Charlie Peacock’s extensive production notes and stories on each player in the Hub. It's an inside look at one successful producer's process and musical friendships. Once you're a Premium member you can keep coming back during the year as Charlie updates his notes and adds more.


Lots of detail but simple to use. Just dig into the Hub at your own pace. Meet all the musicians, check out their discography, and read about their expertise and gear. Take note, this is not a session factory – these are producer-picked, highly individual musicians with differing approaches, schedules and rates. Even still, the interface with each player is simple and Overdub Hub members always get fair independent rates. We are proud to offer these exceptional session players willing to charge variable rates between $100 and $200 an hour. And for these players, that almost always amounts to a song an hour.


Now that you’ve met The Overdub Hub A-Team, create an Overdub Plan for your music. Something like this:


Now you’re ready to start booking musicians. Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Become an Overdub Hub member. Choose between Basic and Premium. We strongly recommend you upgrade to Premium to avail yourself of Charlie Peacock’s expert producer tips. Upgrade now and experience all the game-changing benefits of this producer-curated site! Charlie’s tips will help you get the best from these uber-gifted Overdub Hub musicians - and you get a cool, coffee-shop style Overdub Hub mug for those hard-to-wake-up mornings after late nights of recording.
  2. Contact each musician using the Hire/Booking buttons on their individual pages. Your message will immediately connect with the musician via SMS and email. Patiently wait for a reply. The musicians are in sessions from 10AM to 9PM daily. Some will get back to you on their first break – others wait till end of day to follow-up with booking requests. 99% of the time you will receive a same-day response. Easy steps to hiring:
    • As either a basic or premium member, click on the “Hire ____” button for the musician(s) you want to work with. You can only hire one at a time.
    • A form pops up, asking for your preferred method of communicating (the site knows your name and email address once you have registered and logged in).
    • After submitting the form, an email will arrive in the musician's inbox and a text message from Overdub Hub will ping the musician. This is an alert only, a simple notification with your contact details.
    • The musician will reply back to you using the preferred method as indicated on the form.
    • Encounter a problem in the process? Email us at
  1. Once you are in communication with the musician(s) be prepared to discuss the following:
    • Size of project and deadline. How many songs? When do you need the overdubs finished by?
    • Direction. What are you looking for from the overdubs? Do you have any musical references to share with the musician, including previous projects they’ve played on? If it’s an instrument like electric guitar or keyboards, how many parts are you looking for?
    • Musician Fees. The musician will let you know his remote overdub fees for independent projects. Fees for major or major-indie artists are available too. Discuss the fees and deposits until you are satisfied and exchange an email with the terms accurately listed. Every Basic member is required to pay a 50% deposit on the first overdub session unless the musician chooses to waive the deposit (this is at his sole discretion). No deposits are required for Premium members. Once you and the musician are in agreement on fees, the music making will begin. At satisfied completion of the overdubs you will settle up with the musician using his preferred method of payment (most often PayPal). Once payment clears, you will receive your hi-res files. Simple and safe. One of the many benefits of a highly vetted, curated session musician site like The Overdub Hub, is that these are well-known musicians - trustworthy, responsible, and extremely talented. Your music and your hard-earned resources are in good hands.


  1. The Overdub Hub is all about the music. Imagining, creating, and ultimately making the music the whole world sings. We are honored that you would entrust your music to our community of musicians. In order to give you our best, we ask the best from you too. Here’s a few ways you can insure a great Overdub Hub experience: Assume nothing. Communicate as much as you need to. Please read through the Terms of Use. You are free to copy (cc) the Overdub Hub on all communication with your A-Team of musicians (use Our musicians are very competent business people. Nevertheless we are here to help facilitate and ensure a trouble-free, highly musical experience.
  2. Prep your tracks with care. Each song should be bounced from your DAW session as a 24/48 stereo interleaved .WAV file. Please include two measures of click at the top of your song. Unless requested by the musician, do not send more than one stereo track per song. Balance your mix with the lead vocal loud enough to communicate the emotion of the song, but not too loud. If you’re unsure about any parts you’ve recorded, leave them out of your mix. Name your files with song title, the tempo, and your initials in the file name. For example if your name is Brian Wright the file would be named: HeartbreakSummer_BW_105.wav
  3. Each musician sets his own policy regarding tweaks, retakes, versions of a part, and the amount of separate parts they will offer for a particular rate. Make sure you understand all of this.
  4. Have fun. Do good work. Experience a little of the New Nashville Sound for yourself! Mix-ready files coming up!
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