Bruce Bouton

Bruce Bouton is a world-renowned pedal and lap steel guitarist who got his start touring and recording with Bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs. A student of the great Buddy Charleton, Bruce’s patented sounds have slid in and out of tunes played all over the world – and not just in country music. Though he’s toured and recorded with Garth Brooks and Reba McEntire, Bruce’s recent credits include recording with artists as diverse as Lady Antebellum, Maroon 5, and the Jonas Brothers – though some of his favorite performances were recorded with the legendary Conway Twitty, Brooks & Dunn, and Emmylou Harris.

A songwriter and producer, Bruce has stayed true to his craft for more than 30 years. Today, you can’t talk about Americana and Country music without talking about the steel guitar. And you can’t talk about the steel guitar, without first calling Bruce Bouton. Lucky for you, we have his number.

Music + Vitals

  • Video
  • Gear
    • Pedal Steel, Lap Slide and Dobro
    • Franklin and Emmons Steels
    • Scheerhorn Dobro
    • Assorted Lap Steels
    • Protools, Eleven Rack, Kemper Profiler

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Charlie Peacock on Bruce

I’ve recorded with Bruce for over seventeen years. He was the first pedal steel player I recorded in Nashville. It’s crazy that I didn’t track a steel guitar until after I’d already lived in Nashville for eights years! But that’s how it went. So Bruce initiated me into the ways of this thoroughly original instrument (and the lap steel too) – for that I’m grateful. He’s always been there for me and provided some amazingly tasty work on my 2012 solo album, No Man’s Land. As I write this, Bruce is on the road with Garth Brooks on what Garth says will be the biggest tour in the world. Don’t let that worry you. Bruce says he’ll be set up to overdub on the road and during breaks back home. There you go. I hope you get to work with him soon, whether remotely, or via tracking and overdubs here in Nashville.

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