Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor has been playing the accordion since he was five years old. All his other instruments – piano, fiddle, bass, guitar and trombone – well, those came later.

Jeff Taylor is a bonafide Grammy-winning Bluegrass musician with the beard and knowledge of fiddle tunes to match. But wait, he also studied classical piano at the prestigious Eastman School of Music. This is not a predictable story. And that’s the point. Jeff is anything but predictable (except predictably great). Let’s break it down. Jeff plays the keys and the accordion with skill and finesse, both in session recordings and every Monday night at Nashville’s 3rd & Lindsley, where he plays alongside bandmate Vince Gill with the two-time Grammy-nominated band The Time Jumpers. He sang “Happy Birthday” to Billy Graham when the legend turned 94 – and while we’re sure he’d sing for you too, trust us, ask for a Bach fugue instead. He’s recorded and toured with the iconic Elvis Costello and recorded with yet another iconoclastic songwriter named Paul Simon.

On accordion, Jeff has no equal. His resume continues with these impressive credits: Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder’s Grammy-winning Instrumentals (2006), as well as recordings with Harry Connick Jr., Jerry Douglas, George Strait, Amy Grant, Buddy Greene, Martina McBride, Keith & Kristyn Getty, & Alison Krauss. Jeff is all things Appalachia, Country, Bluegrass, Irish, Hymnody, Classical, modern and inventive. Pennywhistle, pump organ, concertina, trumpet, piano, B3, Wurly – that’s all bonus!

Music + Vitals

  • Audio
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  • Gear
    • I use LOGIC with a MAC for recording with Apogee converters.
    • I have 14 accordions with various sounds.(different musette settings, some tone chamber, etc.) A few are handmade Pietro Mario from Italy I am an endorsor.
    • I play John Sindt and Gary Humphrey penny whistles. I have a set with ALL keys from low D to hi G
    • I have a 1950 Estey portable 2 reed 4 octave pump organ, rebuilt and tuned to A440 for recording
    • A J.B. Cramer 1904 5 octave Yacht piano
    • A 1906 Dolceola (museum quality).
    • I play a 30 button Anglo concertina made by Bob Tedrow
    • Collings A style mandolin
    • Custom made Irish bouzouki
    • Various Yamaha, Roland, Kurzweil electronic keyboards
    • Hammond SK-1 (Endorsee)
    • Ravenscorft 275 Sampled grand with dedicated Mac Mini with flash drive
    • I am an Audio Technica endorsee
    • I am a Mogami cable endorsee

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Charlie Peacock on Jeff

There isn’t an A list musician in Nashville that doesn’t know of Jeff Taylor’s phenomenal ear for music. Play it once, he’s got it. Transposition again and again? No problem, he’s got it. Jeff is a giant of a musician and never once will you catch him noodling 32nd notes or trying to draw attention to himself. Humility plus extraordinary talent is how I’d describe Jeff. His accordion collection is amazing. He has a tone for every kind of song, from very reedy rock to pad-like and flutey. Jeff has strong arrangement skills too. Don’t hesitate to ask him about arranging for small or large ensemble. I hope you get to work with him soon, whether remotely, or via tracking and overdubs here in Nashville.

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