Ken Lewis

If you’re looking for a percussionist/drummer, you’re looking for Ken Lewis. A master session percussionist based in Franklin, Tennessee, Ken has recorded with some of the best recording artists in America and beyond, including Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds, Trace Adkins, Steven Curtis Chapman, The Civil Wars and our own Charlie Peacock. He is one of the most personable and funny musicians on the planet. And, he knows his coffee.

In 2009, Ken and his longtime friend, guitarist Scott Dente, co-founded Global Genius Productions with a vision to create “music for pictures that move.” His work has played on dozens of ABC television shows, including Modern Family, Good Morning America, and Extreme Home Makeover. When he’s not in the studio working as a master session musician, Ken is also an avid cyclist and completes multiple long-distance races per year. Which makes sense. Rhythm maintains balance and pace – a talent just as vital to music as it is to cycling.

Music + Vitals

  • Video
  • Gear
    • Pro Tools
    • Vintage and Modern Gretsch, Ludwig
    • Plethora of world music and bizarre percussion
    • Snares  vintage / modern
    • Gretsch
      • Ludwig
      • Rogers
      • DW
      • Ayotte
      • Pork Pie
      • Tama
      • Yamaha
      • Ocheltree
      • Slingerland
    • Cymbals options  vintage / modern
      • Sabian
      • Zildjian
      • Paiste
      • Wuhan
      • Boshphorus

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Charlie Peacock on Ken

Listen, I would hire Ken Lewis just to show up at a session even if I didn’t need him for anything! He is that fun to be around. But Ken’s also very good at what he does. Though he’s often hired as a drummer, Ken is the musician I book for traditional percussion parts ala shakers, tambo, and cymbal/gong swells. He’s quick and like a rock with all that. But where we really have fun together is in working to create unique percussive ways to expand the low and high end frequencies of a track – and do it subtly so it doesn’t come off like a Tito Puente latin track (all due respect to Tito mind you). I also love to make unique loops with Ken for groove-oriented tracks. He’s always got fresh contributions and will doggedly pursue the most left-of-center ideas till I’m satisfied. I hope you get to work with him soon, whether remotely, or via tracking and overdubs here in Nashville.

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