Mark Hill

Mark Hill is a legendary bass player. For nearly 25 years, he has recorded and toured with renowned musicians including Carrie Underwood, Reba McIntire, Toby Keith and Charlie Peacock, to name a few. Though he enjoys playing live as he did for several years on tour as Keith Urban’s band leader, Mark is most at home as a session musician, where he relishes in spontaneity and creativity. A first call artist, Mark plays more than 300 sessions a year, recording on countless albums with his signature foundational tone – a sound his peers have called “flawless,” and “masterful.” Most importantly, Mark’s approach and sound is always contemporary. Though his resume is filled with iconic and classic credits, he’s up to date recording for producer Charlie Peacock with the best and brightest in Folk-Americana like Holly Williams, The Lone Bellow, and the much-celebrated The Civil Wars.

When he’s not laying down tracks around town or in his own studio called The Chapel, Mark records national jingles for iconic brands like Ford and Coca-Cola, and contributes to film and television soundtracks, including recent work with the Nashville cast recordings. In other words, he’s busy, talented, and in demand. But he’s never too busy to help new artists thrive.

Music + Vitals

  • Video
  • Gear
    • A Rack:
      • Neve 1073, Brit Mod Distressor, UA 710 Twinfinnity.   ’67 Ampeg B12 amp
    • Pedal Board:
      • SVT  pedal, EBS Comp, MXR octave, Turbo Tuner, Spark Pre, Loop Master true bypass switcher, Cable Factory DI with Lundhal xFormer
    • Basses:
      • Daphne (63 all orig jazz) Sunny (60 all Orig P Bass)—these are the “won’t leave home without.”  Many more specialty basses avail.

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Charlie Peacock on Mark

Hands down, Mark is the most recorded bassist in my production discography. We are a fit with no fuss. His gear, musical ideas, and depth and width of his tone is phenomenal. You never have a bad session with Mark. It’s always world class. He’s a pro so he takes direction well, but just as important is the fact that he’s incredibly musical. Mark plays a number of instruments, has a great ear and arranges music well. When he’s on a session you’re getting way more than low end. You’re on the receiving end of a first-class musical mind, and that’s money. I hope you get to work with him soon, whether remotely, or via tracking and overdubs here in Nashville.

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