Richie Biggs

Grammy Award-winning recording and mix engineer Richie Biggs is a master of sound. Over the course of his more than 25 years in the industry, Richie has spent a good part of 15 years working alongside producer and Overdub Hub curator, Charlie Peacock. Richie’s work with Charlie includes Kris Allen, Holly Williams, Ben Rector, Switchfoot, The Civil Wars, Chris Cornell, AMC Television series TURN, The Lone Bellow, Lenachka, Jon Foreman, Bela Fleck, Sara Groves, Keith and Kristyn Getty, Brett Dennen, and many more. Other outstanding credits include Jerrod Niemann, Brett Eldredge, The Dirty Guv’nahs, Mandy Moore, Nathan Tasker, J.D. Souther, George Strait, and Elizabeth Cook. Quiet, but with fierce attention to detail, Richie has been an essential part of Charlie Peacock’s successful production career in Nashville. This includes co-engineering (with Charlie), The Civil Wars two-time Grammy winning Barton Hollow.

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Charlie Peacock on Richie

It didn’t make sense to feature all the amazing players that make up my production crew and not feature Richie too. We began working together in 1998 on the Switchfoot album New Way To Be Human and what a great ride it’s been. One of Richie’s best qualities is that he loves to work and goes wherever the music is good. When he’s not booked with me or other producers he is always working on some exciting new independent artist – tracking, overdubbing or mixing. It never ceases to surprise me when he’ll say something like, “Oh yeah, great film, did you like the title track? I mixed that.” A man of quiet surprises! I hope you get to work with him soon, whether remotely, or via tracking, overdubs, or mixing here in Nashville.

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