Sam Ashworth

Sam Ashworth’s already improbably storied musical career began at seventeen, when his song “I Won’t Stay Long” found its way onto Sixpence None The Richer’s million-selling eponymous record. By his late teens, Sam clearly knew his way around a studio, cutting his teeth on his own projects, culminating with the Sony/RED, critically-acclaimed Gonna Get It Wrong Before I Get It Right in 2005. Now, for more than a decade, Sam Ashworth has contributed his acoustic guitar and backing vocal talent to a long list of successful artists from Switchfoot to Brett Dennen. His production and smooth, natural harmonies can be heard on Michael W. Smith’s Grammy-nominated Healing Rain (2004), and his guitar skills accompany the late Hank Williams’ granddaughter, Holly Williams on her latest, The Highway (2013).

Recently, Sam was happy to see The Lone Bellow, a Brooklyn-based folk band he recorded with in 2013, all over the press, including Entertainment Weekly and RollingStone. No stranger to the spotlight, Sam’s background vocals are a feature of Dierks Bentley’s smash hit “Drunk On A Plane” – where he’s rockin’ like a G6! Sam writes for the international music publishing company Downtown Music Publishing. When he’s not crafting songs with his songwriting friends like Marc Beeson, Dave Berg, Jillian Jacqueline and Chris Roberts he’s developing Nashville’s newest talents like Shawn Conerton, Peyton Parker and Abigail Rose. Son to acclaimed music producer and Overdub Hub founder Charlie Peacock, Sam grew up in recording studios – he’s the kind of uber-experienced guitarist and vocalist you want backing you up. Need his rare skills? Give him a shout today.

Music + Vitals

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  • Gear
    • Gibson J-30 Acoustic
    • 1971 Gibson S-G
    • 1963 Gretsch “Chet Atkins” Tennessean
    • 1960’s Harmony Rocket
    • Yamaha FG-400A *High-strung
    • Electra Omega
    • Gold Tone Paul E. Beard Resonator
    • Gold Tone C.C. Banjitar
    • 1959 Valtron Junior
    • 1970 Fender Telecaster
    • Jerry Jones sitar

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Charlie Peacock on Sam

Full disclosure here . . . we’re talking about my son so there’s no way to be objective. Thankfully his work speaks for itself. Sam has great songwriting and production skills but is definitely known first as an amazing background vocalist and rock-steady acoustic guitar player. He’s also a drummer with that hard to come by “indie” feel and sound. Sam’s a gift to me music-wise in a number of ways, but what people might not know is that he does a tremendous amount of Pro Tools editing for me. Of course he’ll make your tracks soar with his background vocals and well-played acoustic. But let him clean up your vocals and tracks to make for a better mix. You’ll be happy you did.

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