Scott Dente

Scott Dente calls himself a smart mouthed guitar picker. And for good reason. Around Nashville, he’s known for his quick fingers and his quick wit – two things that make him a session musician in high demand. During his 20-year session career, Scott has recorded with a variety of artists including Sara Groves, Mandisa, Amy Grant, Jason Mraz, Phil Keaggy, Regina Bell, Chris Rice, Charlie Peacock, and Twila Paris, to name only a few. Prior to becoming a Nashville elite session guitarist, Scott recorded and performed with his wife Christine Dente in the duo Out of the Grey (Sparrow/EMI).

A true expert on acoustic guitar, Scott is also an avid Red Sox fan, frequent traveler, and the co-founder of Global Genius Productions – a TV/Film music library he created with friend and percussionist/drummer Ken Lewis. When he’s not writing and producing new work, Scott can be found recording with and busting the chops of emerging artists. But don’t worry. When it comes to Scott, his musicality and instruments do the real talking.

Music + Vitals

  • Gear
    • Gibson J-45
    • Santa Cruz- Vintage Southerner
    • Lowden S-23
    • Tyler Amplifiers
    • Gretsch 6120
    • various Gibson and Fender electrics
    • pedals for days.
    • D’addario strings endorsee

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Charlie Peacock on Scott

I’ve recorded with Scott for nearly 25 years – almost from the time he graduated from Berklee. We’ve worked a broad range of styles and sounds together from very hi-fi, complex and interwoven parts played on high-end boutique guitars to cowboy strumming on an old Gibson. Certainly Scott is adept at electric but it’s his unique part-oriented acoustic playing that has given him much success. Over the years he’s added all the plectrum instruments to his menu and brings great skill and heart to everything he does. And like his business partner Ken Lewis, Scott is fun to make music with. I hope you get to work with him soon, whether remotely, or via tracking and overdubs here in Nashville.

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