Steve Brewster

Steve Brewster is in the elite of Nashville’s reigning kings of the beat. A drummer and master percussionist, Steve has more than 20 years of recording experience with some of pop music’s most famous artists including Faith Hill, Willie Nelson, Olivia Newton-John, Jewel, Dierks Bentley, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Michael W. Smith, and Chicago. Over the years, Steve has played with Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Richard Marx, Sarah Groves, Art Garfunkel, Trace Adkins, Toni Braxton, Amy Grant, and Big & Rich, meaning, if you’ve turned on the radio in any number of formats in the last quarter-century, you’ve heard Steve’s world-class drumming.

Steve is a natural listener with a killer instinct – two qualities that propelled his high-profile catalogue into an echelon that most session musicians could only dream of reaching. With a passionate love for all great music and a stockpile of vintage and modern percussion equipment, Steve can create new sounds and beats for you with the same enthusiasm he’s brought to his entire storied career.

Music + Vitals

  • Video
  • Gear
    • Recording Gear:
    • ProTools HD Native
      • 2 Avid 16 I/O interfaces
      • Pres and EQs-
      • Aurora GTQ2s
      • APIs
      • Vintech 1081s
      • Alta Moda
    • Compressors-
      • UA-1176s
      • Empirical Labs
      • Distressors
      • Alta Moda Hippos
    • Mics-
      •  Royers
      •  Coles
      • Neumann
      • Audio Technica
      • AKG 414s,D112
      • Cascade
    • Drums-Sam Baccos
      •  Gretsch
      • Ludwig
      • Slingerland
      • Snares-Ludwig
      • Slingerland
      • Craviotto
      • Allegra
      • Noble&Cooley
      • Joe Montinerri
      • Brady
      • Joyful Noise
      • Tons of Percussion

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Charlie Peacock on Steve

Steve and I met in Germany years ago (we were both on tour) and have been friends and working together ever since. Steve was there at the beginning of my early successes in Nashville with a wonderful contemporary gospel duo called Out of the Grey and continues to be a part of my current success in the Folk-Americana genre with Holly Williams, grand-daughter of the iconic Hank Williams. No brag, just fact, but Steve is outstanding on my own recording called “No Man’s Land.” Check out the sounds on that record. Honestly, Steve is the right drummer for everything, especially if you want someone who really cares to get it right. I hope you get a chance to record with him, either remotely, or via tracking and overdubs here in Nashville. BTW, Steve has a truly great sounding drum room at his home studio.

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